Accepted Papers

“Artificial Intelligence is a Cold Thing”: Understanding Experiences of Older Citizens to Design Municipal Digital Support Services

Johanna Ylipulli & Riikka Eskola

At whose expense the victory ball?: Narratives and soft power in citizen engagement

Alicia Smedberg

Bridging the gap between reality and utopia: How to provide empathetic services to citizens

Suvi Hyökki, Kati Pääkkönen, Kiwoong Nam, Satu Miettinen

Engaging civil society in designing public sector AI: Whatparticipatory methods can we use?

Karolina Drobotowicz, Bhuvana Sekar, & Nghiep Lucy Truong

Mapping design interventions in digital public services

Núria Solsona Caba, Tuuli Mattelmäki, & Martina Caić

Re-evaluating evaluation: Looking for value based metrics in public service design

Uttishta Varanasi, Rūta Šerpytytė, & Nitin Sawhney

Meta-services as a buffering mechanism on the way to
relational public services

Jörn Christiansson, & Suzan Boztepe